Strategic Leveling in Draft (Part 1)

by vandergus

One of the most unique aspects of Solforge, relative to other card games, is the extent to which you can adjust your deck’s strategy on the fly depending on how your opponent is playing. In a typical game you will see most of the cards in your deck in rank 1, and you will choose 7 or 8 of those to play. The cards you choose to level will set the tone for the rest of the game, determining the angles you will use to attack and the stances you will use to defend.

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Deck Tech – Murderous Nugs


Hello Solforgers. My name is Magagumo, and you may have also seen me playing on my alt accounts, Ossis and Fortnight. I’ve been a regular drafter for about two years, League player on Kaelari’s Ladder, and trying to make a mark on the constructed/brewing scene. This article presents a deck that takes advantage of the newest, scariest 7.2 legendary, Murderous Necromancer. Together with Nug, Fury Fists and Lichmane Dragon, we’re taking a new approach to a classic archetype – Byzerak Reanimator:

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