The Ironmind Company Team Draft #1 – Write-up

Hello! I’m Gard, a representative of The Ironmind Company team. One of the first things I pitched when it was decided content was needed for this site was a team draft. What’s a team draft? Well, traditionally inĀ Magic: The Gathering, a team draft is just a simple draft you do with your team, usually for testing purposes. However, for this draft, all I wanted was just to make some good draft content, and try to get the whole team involved.

This post will detail the rules and operations of how we went about it, then link to each team member’s individual perspective on their draft, and finally post the collection of perspectives. So, you can learn about how we did it, watch a draft by your favorite player (or try out a couple), and/or if you are truly insane (or starved for draft knowledge), you can watch all 8 perspectives.

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