Deck Tech – Murderous Nugs


Hello Solforgers. My name is Magagumo, and you may have also seen me playing on my alt accounts, Ossis and Fortnight. I’ve been a regular drafter for about two years, League player on Kaelari’s Ladder, and trying to make a mark on the constructed/brewing scene. This article presents a deck that takes advantage of the newest, scariest 7.2 legendary, Murderous Necromancer. Together with Nug, Fury Fists and Lichmane Dragon, we’re taking a new approach to a classic archetype – Byzerak Reanimator:

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Building Standard on a Budget – Set 6.1 Edition

Alright, so you want to start playing Standard. But you don’t have very many legendaries, and don’t want to spend a bunch of money cracking legendary chests in the hopes of getting the ones you need, and definitely don’t have time to assemble the massive amount of silver you’ll need to forge some of the most expensive Standard decks out there, like Wegu. Fret not! Not all is lost. Solforge has a couple of legendary-light competitive decks, which I will outline here.

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Unlegendary Format Compendium (Darkforge Uprising)

Today I want to talk about Unlegendary. Unlegendary is my favorite constructed format of them all, frequently moreso than Standard. If you don’t know what Unlegendary is, Unlegendary is a format where Legendary cards aren’t allowed. You can only play cards that are Heroic or lower. This makes it a much, much different format from Standard. Aggressive decks are far more popular in Unlegendary than they are in Standard, and frequently take different forms.

As an added bonus, heroics are a lot easier to acquire than Legendaries, so it’s quite an affordable format!

This article will go over some of the archetypes you are likely to find in your average Unlegendary Tournament. There will be breakdowns on every deck – why you should play it, what it is bad against, and how you can change up the deck.

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