Deck Tech – Murderous Nugs


Hello Solforgers. My name is Magagumo, and you may have also seen me playing on my alt accounts, Ossis and Fortnight. I’ve been a regular drafter for about two years, League player on Kaelari’s Ladder, and trying to make a mark on the constructed/brewing scene. This article presents a deck that takes advantage of the newest, scariest 7.2 legendary, Murderous Necromancer. Together with Nug, Fury Fists and Lichmane Dragon, we’re taking a new approach to a classic archetype – Byzerak Reanimator:

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Raiders Unchained Draft Primer – Umbruk

Dysian Onyxium Umbruk Esperian Byzerak Oratek

by vandergus

Umbruk Overview – Brutal and Relentless

Umbruk is traditionally the home of the most aggressive strategies. Uterra provides large creatures and pump spells for early board control while Tempys brings mobility and burn spells to push damage. But the faction pair also has a couple more tricks up its sleeve in the current format. Let’s take a look at how UT decks take advantage of the different mechanics available in Raiders Unchained.

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Raiders Unchained Draft Primer – Dysian

Dysian Onyxium Umbruk Esperian Byzerak Oratek

by Gard

Dysian OVERVIEW – Flexible AND Overpowering

Dysian is  the boogeyman of draft. It has strong heroics, good commons and rares, a wealth of different strategies, and decent removal. It boasts the strongest Voltron threats in the format with Spring Dryad and Harbinger of Spring combined with the Nekrium and Uterra creature creation.

To top it all off, Dysian is astonishingly consistent. Many of its cards can play the roles of similar cards, so the deck’s strategy isn’t weakened by not drawing a specific card, as you typically have multiple. Grove Matriarch/Scatterspore Tiller, Group Meal/Twinstrength, Spring Dryad/Harbinger, Blight Walker/Shimmerfang Serpent, and so on. This consistency lets Dysian play the same game regardless of what the card components of the draft ended up being.

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