The Ironmind Company Team Draft #1 – Write-up

Hello! I’m Gard, a representative of The Ironmind Company team. One of the first things I pitched when it was decided content was needed for this site was a team draft. What’s a team draft? Well, traditionally in Magic: The Gathering, a team draft is just a simple draft you do with your team, usually for testing purposes. However, for this draft, all I wanted was just to make some good draft content, and try to get the whole team involved.

This post will detail the rules and operations of how we went about it, then link to each team member’s individual perspective on their draft, and finally post the collection of perspectives. So, you can learn about how we did it, watch a draft by your favorite player (or try out a couple), and/or if you are truly insane (or starved for draft knowledge), you can watch all 8 perspectives.

How We Did It

As you may know, Solforge does not have a client that is highly cooperative with anything you might want to do other than play the queues offered. Therefore, we had to do a bit of wrangling to get this to work.

Recording – I asked each player to record the Draft, and then each round. That way, you get to see eight different perspectives on both deckbuilding and play. You can even watch each round from the perspective of each player playing it!

The Draft – There were two main options here. The first is to use the draft simulator over at Kaelari’s Ladder. This had the appeal of everyone having access to the same card pool, so seeing everyone’s perspective would be really neat as players pass cards and other players pick up those same cards. Unfortunately, the downsides of this were that the draft simulator is not appealing at all for a viewer, and it doesn’t really accurately replicate what drafting in Solforge is. So, I decided it would be better for aesthetics and for accuracy if we were to use the actual (casual) draft queue in Solforge instead. That way, everyone is drafting against the Solforge algorithm (like normal), and everyone is guaranteed to have the cards they draft.

Playing it Out – After a deck is drafted, each player built and saved their deck. The casual draft queue that was used to draft the deck was either abandoned or played out, to the discretion of the player. Then, Swiss pairings were used to determine who would play whom in the three rounds until we had only one undefeated player.

Let’s not forget – Solforge deck construction doesn’t allow you to start or join a game where your deck contains more than 3 copies of a card. Thus, team members were warned against drafting more than 3 of a card, and to mention it if it came up. Luckily, this client-bred restriction did not matter too much in the drafts we did.


Each Player’s Perspective

Each team member of TIC varies in comfort in recording and/or commentary. Remember, I basically twisted every arm and forced them to record at least this team draft, just to try it. So, some of the commentary is clearer and more concise, others are more casual, and a couple are full YOLO. Some will suit you and some will not, and that’s just fine – try a couple out and see who you like.

I will sort the team members here by factions drafted, so if you want to watch how a team member drafts a specific faction pair, you can start with a player that matches your interest.

The Full Collection

The playlist below is the full video collection of everyone’s perspectives. I ordered it by displaying all the drafts first, then each round 1, then each round 2, then each round 3. Rounds are sorted so you see one match from both perspectives before switching to the next match in that round.


Next Time

This was a learning experience for us, and hopefully for those of you out there as well. There are several things that we will be working on for the next team draft we do, including spicing up the format, a little more quality control, and maybe making it so that the winner gets something. Let us know what you enjoyed and what you didn’t, and we’ll take that feedback into account for the next time we do this.

Thanks for watching!