Ancient Grudge Preview – Death’s Possession

by Louis Cyphre (Lilith)

Allow me to introduce you to a member of the faction-hate club: Death’s Possession.


This removal spell is attack-gated at all three levels, able to target creatures of 4, 8, then 12 or less attack at each level. If you’re targeting an Alloyin creature, you get the added benefit of spawning a new copy on your own side of the board.This Heroic is not the type of card you would typically build a deck around. It is a utility card that has a specific job: Make sure Alloyin decks do not get the upper hand.

It is time to take a closer at Death’s Possession by comparing it to both Cull the Weak and Soulreap. Cull the Weak is a strictly less powerful card for levels one and two, with the same target ranges but no faction gated spawn effect. At level three, Cull the Weak gains a slight advantage with the ability to remove a creature with up to 14 attack. Soulreap, like Death’s Possession, has the ability to steal an opponent’s creature without being faction-gated, but it is more restricted in the attack levels it is able to remove.

Nekrium’s current removal spells of choice, Death Current and Spiritcleave, draw less direct comparison to Death’s Possession. The new spell won’t replace either one, instead complementing your existing removal package as a new tool.

Many of Alloyin’s most powerful cards tend to be utility creatures with low attack, but there are ways to stack the odds in your favor even more. Nekrium has several spells that shrink your opponent’s army, with Patron of Tarsus, Xerxes, Scythe of Chiron, and Epidemic all being popular choices in decks already featured in competitive play. Alloyin can also be your ally, as Death’s Possession pairs well with both incarnations of Ironbeard, as well as with Uriel Ironwing.

This preview would be incomplete without at least a little on how Death’s Possession will perform in Draft. Heroic is a good rarity for this card, for the sake of drafting. Expect it to be powerful in this environment Nekrium is already the strongest faction for creature removal in the current draft pool, and this card is a fine replacement for Cull the Weak that has the potential to generate significant advantage when facing an Alloyin opponent, without being weak in any matchup.

I’m excited to see Death’s Possession in action, from both sides of the table. I will see you in the queues.