7.3 Metaminds: I Never Metamind I Didn’t Like

Arctic gusts roared past the gleaming steel buttresses of Metamind Tower 14, Floor 42, belying the quiet focus of its inhabitants.  Within, the chief warmind of the Steel Collective analyzed the reports streaming in from his Doppelbot spy network.

The Demara-worshiping netherscales have lost their goddess’s blessing, causing them to fall to infighting among the naga clutches. The poisonous yeti malice mongers have abandoned them and are now making lighting raids in the eastern outposts, with Arrachtor-summoned elementals and even the once gentle leafkin spotted among their bands of corrupted forest spirits and insects.

Shard powered armor remains an unrealized advantage as the Grove Queen rebuffs all diplomatic and “tactical” attempts to acquire enriched deposits in the upper Deepbranch marshes. The Infinity Warden and his sycophantic sage escorts have been spotted consorting with the queen and her plant and tuskin servants, Saint Nuada included.

The splinter cult, Forgeheart, continues to accumulate disenfranchised faithful from the Great City’s quarters.  Ironbeard embraces a messianic role, as the “Breaker of the False Anvil”.  His prophets spread the news of the “forgespark within”; even the Aerial Squadron commander, Uriel Ironwing, has abandoned its post to join the cause. Clearly, the unmanned battlements and dwindling stock of armaments no longer matter to the former “Hammer of Anvillon”.  Rumors also intimate that Ironbeard preaches of Nekrium monstrosities that would prey upon the faithless– Cyrus the Merciless Grimgaunt, Iniog the Carrion Demon, the Lichmane Drakes– as a means of keeping his flock in line.  

Ghox pursed his gray lips; his quartet of metamind servitors continued to operate their workstations as their leader silently considered the situation at hand.  Tactics, logistics, and acceptable losses flashed through the Paragon’s mind.

*A gray mist silently billowed from a crackling nether portal*

In crisp, calm tones he ordered, “Send the Twenty-Third Frontline Squadron under Infiltrator Crux to assassinate the Umbruk raid leaders. Keep alert for any of the Arrachtoron “lightning titans” and pray we are past the leafkin’s spawning season; even our justicars cannot contain them.”

*Ash-gray claws birthed from the violet world-tear as the portal swiftly grew on size*

“Send Commander Drix to negotiate a resumption of work duties with the “Forgeheart” cultists  Hopefully they are not truly consorting with Nekrium monstrosities. As for Nova..”

Azure lightning surged through the war chamber, enervating Ghox and his minions. The metaminds’ weakened limbs hurled them to the floor as a Tarsian demon skittered from an adjacent hall, jet-black claws scratching grooves in the steel flooring as it approached the Paragon.

Ghox fought his shriveled muscles, stretching for a beam pistol holstered at his waist, as the chuckling demon pierced his flesh with its talons and lifted him into the air. The demon eyed the cerulean fluid leaking from its meat-puppet’s wounds with a nightmare smile and whispered broken-glass words into its target’s ears, “The Great Xerxes wishes to see you you, but first we have some fun.”  With its free claw, the Tarsian “patron of torment” casually snapped Ghox’s upper-right wrist, grimacing delightedly at the metamind’s spasms of pain.  “That was but a taste, worm. You don’t need to see what’s coming next…”

Icy, black fluid splashed in Ghox’s eyes, gumming his already-clouded eyes. He felt himself sinking downward into darkness, but was shocked to find himself still alive in the seconds that followed.  His vision cleared to focus on a luminous blue fist, jutting from a gaping hole in the demon’s chest.  It retracted from the wound, reaching out to grasp him and raise him to his feet.  

Its owner, one of the console operators, was sheathed in a flickering forcefield; similar to the telepathic film exuded by all metaminds, but significantly brighter and, apparently, more impactful.  At his feet, lay the outstretched, heaving forms of the other operators; they grasping his ankles, visages of concentration etched on their faces.

Ghox, heaving for breath and cradling his shattered third wrist, pondered this development. Telepathic force weapons. Strength in Unity.  A missing piece to the puzzle?

He coughed bloody sputum and whispered, “Operator, you have granted us great insight.  It is time we made you a commando.”

(Chronicled by MagaFortOss)

Greetings, Forgeborn! I’m Wendell. You may remember me from such articles as “Killin’ Killion” and “Matrix Warden: An Analysis Using Heirarchical Inversion Theory”. If you do, hello from an alternate universe!

Metaminds featuring Ghox, Metamind Paragon and Drix, The Mindwelder is one of the classic decks from the early days. It fell by the wayside as more powerful decks came to prominence, but the archetype has received a boost recently with the arrival of G.S.F. Commando. Here’s my take on a modern metaminds deck.

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Iniog: The Rebirth

Smoke, blood, and miasma sloughed into the air over the sun-baked crags of the Kadrasian Plateau, shrouding the Thranik warrens below like a foul-hued thunderstorm. Within the putrid mist, lightning and frostbreathed wyrms exhaled their crackling torrents into the titanic frame of an ichor-drenched demon, its thunderous roars of pain and anger surging in reply.

Korok, Kahn of this vertiginous domain, watched from a nearby cloud, surrounded by his corps of wind, ice and fire asirs. All were held aloft by strands of air crafted by Borean windweavers and the horde of berserker warriors clutched lava, frost, and spark-dripping weapons tightly, waiting for the right moment.

As the mighty demon swatted a flight of frostmane dragons from the sky, its body sucked their corpses into its mass, causing scorchmarks to fade and tattered skin to mend; it roared again, spraying out a needling ball of draconic bone fragments that lacerated its nearby foes.

“Now! We can delay no longer!” Korok bellowed to his warriors, and as one, the “Elemental Tide” bore down from the skies, driving sharp blades and crackling energy into the monster’s form.


Hours later, the triumphant but bloodied Kadrasians stood amongst hundreds of funeral pyres, incinerating the putrid remnants of the demonic titan, lest any piece re-form the whole.

Hundreds of feet below, jammed in a twisted crevasse, a few shards of crimson bone lay unnoticed.


Years later, a passing crag walker, clutching the remains of a fresh kill, would allow a few spatters of blood and gristle to rain into the crevasse as it scuttled along the cliffsides. The long-forgotten bone fragments would agglutinate with the fresh carrion, the mass growing ever so little. These unthinking remnants of Iniog, the Carrion Demon could be patient; everything dies.



This is Magagumo (aka Ossis, Fortnight) from The Ironmind Company and I want to discuss an old set 5 legend given new life.  These decks helped me and other TIC members (tch0rt) to reach Titanium in Season 5 and I hope you enjoy playing them as well.

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Strategic Leveling in Draft: Late Game vs Aggro

by vandergus

In Part 1, I outlined some basic rules of thumb for what types of cards you should try to level in your draft decks. If you follow those guidelines along with some basic pick orders from a tier list, you will probably do well in draft. You will win more games than you lose. But knowing when to deviate from the standard guidelines is what separates good drafters from great drafters. It’s what fuels forum arguments about lines of play and it’s what gives Solforge its strategic depth. It’s pretty easy to throw out some basic rules that everyone can agree on, but it’s much harder to figure out the appropriate times to go off script. I’m going to lay out a few examples but they are really just the tip of the iceberg.

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Drafting on the Solforge Ladder

by vandergus

Kaelari, the wizard behind, has blessed us with yet another feature to enhance our Solforge playing experience. His new position with SBE has given him more access to the inner workings of Solforge, and he’s seized the opportunity to create some impressive tie-in’s. I wanted to give a brief overview of one feature that is particularly interesting to me and could be a big help for new players: drafting on the ladder.

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